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About us

The Beginning

Toys and Parties is a family business established in 2009. 

As a mother of three young children it was frustrating trying to organise parties due to the serious lack of up-to-date character party supplies in South Africa.

Importing from other countries was challenging as most countries don't deliver to our county and the costs were exorbitant. 

Where we are now

It took a couple of years, but with a lot of perseverance we were able to team up with the best Character suppliers in the UK and can now supply all the most popular Toys, Party Supplies, Bedding and Clothing as soon as its been released.

We have also teamed up with some of the biggest linen stores in the UK and can supply all the most current and best selling bedding themes.

How we work

We operate from a building in beautiful Cape Town.

Most of our suppliers are based in the UK and we have our items shipped over to us using DHL.

All our prices on our website INCLUDE shipping charges from the UK and custom charges.

We do also stock some items and make up customized party supplies.

Browse through our site and you will find it bursting with new products and fresh new ideas plus exclusive party kit discounts.